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Metro D.C. Trans Community

Transgender in D. C.
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This is a community for transgendered persons in and around Washington D.C. Any transgendered persons living in the Metro D.C. or willing to travel to Metro D.C. is welcome to join in. The main purpose is to share resources, set up potential meetings, notify of events or just discuss being transgendered/intersexed/gender variant in the D.C. area. Have fun, be nice, no drama, no depth/penis measuring contests please.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no tolerance for hate speech, members or non-members attacking each other personally, pornographic material or links to pornographic material, hate speech or any other form of overt intolerance. Such posts will be removed. Trolling, also, will be dealt with at the discretion of the maintainer. If you feel strongly that your post is valid, despite being judged in one of these categories, please contact the community maintainer and we can discuss the matter.