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The return of SLUT NIGHT. This Friday! PHASE 1. Ten bux!

Slut Night, inspired by the courageous Butch & Femme community nationwide, is a night dedicated to limitless self-expression and decadent sexuality. It is a reclamation, a rejoicing at a venue in which DC's queer women and transfolk can feel free to be the sexiest version of themselves.

Join us for a Phase Fest fundraiser like no other by coming to Slut Night in whatever makes you feel most sexy...cleavage, ties, stilettos, boots, polos, feathers or even just jeans. This is a no-holds-barred event where you can be you and be positively free to engage your personal definition of "slutty."

Hosted by Phase 1 Lounge and brought to you by Lure, Where the girls go & Boi Promotions, Slut Night will feature an all-encompassing opportunity to experience sexy. There will be tantalizing performances, shot specials, and door prizes galore!

Cover $10. You must be 21+ years old to enter Phase 1.

This Friday!
Phase 1 Lounge
525 8th St. SE
9pm until you're good and done

Phase Fest 2009 is the East Coast's largest Queer Music and Arts Festival and will be held September 24-26th, 2009. For more information about the event and Phase Fest, visit
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