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Roller Derby. TOMORROW. DC Armory. DOORS AT 3PM!

Clearly, you are over SnOMG or Snowmageddon or Snoverkill or whatever the hell everyone is calling the enormous white blanket of wet thrown over everyone in the last week.

Sure, you could make another frickin' snow fort (what? no snow fort? pffft!), watch the Dupont snowball fight clip again on CNN, you could even be a responsible citizen and shovel another forty square feet of sidewalk but really, don't you think it's time to leave the house and have some FUN?

You know what I mean.


It's time for you to getcher heinie in gear and gather your friends (and kids! and friends' kids!) to come on down to the DC Armory TOMORROW for some whip crackin' hard hittin' ham fisted female aggression...on wheels!

Free face painting for the kiddies!
Not free alcohol for the grownups!
Awesome derby dames with names like Condoleeza Slice, Guantanamo Babe, and Ovary Action!
TWO kickass bouts, Pittsburg vs. DC All Stars *and* local teams Scare Force One vs. Cherry Blossom Bombshells!
The most fun you'll ever have at the DC Armory...before our next bout in March!

February 13 - TOMORROW
DC Armory
Stadium Armory Metro
Doors at 3pm, bout at 4
Adults $12, Kids 6-11 $5, and 5 and under are free!
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